First of all: no, I am not a meteorologist or a storm-chaser! I AM a lifelong resident of Oklahoma, so I have seen my fair share of tornadoes (I was 12 when the infamous May 3, 1999 storm ripped through our area). Earthquakes have also been a lot more common the last several years, and I can’t recall a single summer when there wasn’t a heat advisory with triple-digit temperatures and at least one part of the state was in a drought.

I’m a mother to two wonderful girls, and every severe weather advisory we get puts my husband and I in a panic for our family. Every disaster that destroys lives (whether or not it happens in our community) makes me think about how devastated I’d be if something happened to my husband or girls or our home. (I know it’s easy to say, “As long as my family is okay, it doesn’t matter what happens to our stuff.” But honestly, it would be horrible to lose our home and everything we own!)

I never expected this type of site to be a side project I’d take on, but here I am! And I do hope it makes a small difference in helping people stay alert and prepared!

– Melanie